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July 14 2015

Ignoring vs saying No

A few years ago when I started up, one of the things that really pissed me off was people ignoring my emails and never replying. As a new entrepreneur and even as you grow bigger, at every step you need help from all sorts of people and you realise that a lot of your emails go unanswered.

While some go unanswered unintentionally(the person’s probably too busy to reply), quite a few are left unanswered intentionally by the recipient.

Over the years I’ve realised, as you get busier and as more people write in to you, you first attempt to not treat them the way you were treated. You try to reply to every email you receive. You simply reply with a No to emails pertaining to business partnerships that you don’t want to get into or someone trying to sell you something that you don’t want or someone wanting to manage your wealth when you know you are better than them at doing that or someone trying to get a favor out of you which you cannot give. But people most often take the No as a way to get back with a more convincing reply in an attempt to convert your No into a Yes. Since you replied once, now if you do not reply they do know you are ignoring them and that’s even more rude than not replying in the first place.

Now, I’ve realised the best way is to ignore such emails. Not reply at all. And I think the world over this should be made into a convention. That it’s a No if you do not hear back. Sure, there are chances that your email may have landed in spam, so it should be ok for the sender to ping you two more times before they give up on you.

This would save everyone so much time! I don’t get annoyed anymore if someone does not reply. I mean, if they aren’t replying, it definitely means its a No! Why do you want to hear that from them anyways when you know the answer?

This will also save us all the time we spend on coming up with innovative ways of saying no without “hurting” the other person’s feelings.

March 12 2015

March 09 2015

So Today We are in news. Why ?


Answer :
🎉🎉🎁🎉🎁🎊 News full day 🎉🎉🎁🎉🎁🎊
1. TheNextWeb

2. TechinAsia

3. cnet.com

4. Yourstory.com

5. Nextbigwhat

March 03 2015

A Week Old As Crowdfire


23rd February, 2010: JustUnfollow

23rd February, 2015: Crowdfire

Indeed a lot can happen within a span of five years. Our journey from JustUnfollow to Crowdfire exemplifies it aptly. Our hitting the coveted 10 million users mark and completing five successful years as a social media tool…

December 19 2014

0371 17dd 500


Amazing time for lunch with the team! Thanks for the party Sameer :)

October 27 2014

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The JustUnfollow team selfie.

If you look closely, you can spot the birthday girl.

June 01 2014

Maximum impact in minimum time on the lives of everyone involved and you’ve got yourself a startup!

May 31 2014

It’s only when you do not know your boundaries that you go beyond!

May 24 2014

How cool my work place is :)


1. We have all time overloaded fridge


2. We do a lot of things to get relaxed. For example “Jung ki raat” ( counter strike)


Not only computer games :P :P



3. Almost every weekend we go for movie. (In my office people are movie addicts).


4. Once a month we go for…

April 23 2014

To be the best in what we do, we need to be one step ahead of the rest. We need to think differently and we need to execute our vision ruthlessly. Wake up, it’s time, it’s time to rise and shine.

March 14 2014

It’s ok to not know something. But once you learn it, kill it!

February 12 2014

This ones a little deep but think about it and fit it in your head. Small nimble teams can beat giants and move mountains. It’s not about the possibilities. It’s about how far you can take your imagination.
It is David killing Goliath. It is the power of determination.

February 11 2014

Startups are like F1 cars on a race track. You can drive them slow, not crash and complete the race or you can drive them fast, risk crashing and Win!

February 10 2014

When things go bad we can either complain or we can take it upon ourselves to fix it. Be a doer not a cribber. Things can change for the better only when we decide to fix them!

February 05 2014

One motivated person can change the world. Imagine what a motivated team can do! Motivate yourself and your colleagues. Win!

February 04 2014

You achieve something only when you start believing you can. Be it 50 million users or $10 Million in revenues, if you believe you can I know you will!

February 03 2014

Fear of failure is the only thing that keeps you away from success. Today, promise yourself to not be afraid of failure and success shall be yours!

February 02 2014

Successful companies are built by people who refuse to give up in the face of failure and push themselves further.

February 01 2014

You should not be afraid of the competition. The competition should be afraid of you.

January 31 2014

We win, only when we start believing we can. We build billion dollar businesses, only when we start believing we can. Today, let’s promise ourselves we’ll make this a billion dollar company, because we believe we can!
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